Hi everyone   I hope you're having a good day. I'm glad that you took the time to know me more.

I'm a person who develops a new hobby very easily and since I started watching Youtube a few years ago, I've been addicted to baking, makeup, DIYs (not really, but sometimes..), youtube and netflix. Oh and how can I forget memes?! I'm addicted to those. Memes feed my soul. Yes, I love gaming but no, I'm not a hardcore gamer. I have never played GTA but I love app games like COC, Clash Royale and a few more. I love trying new makeup looks with my mom's makeup because I don't own a lot of makeup.

I love reading other beauty blogs and watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. I just want to build up a community where I can have like-minded people (read: sarcastic weirdos like me) expressing their opinions on my blog. In case you're wondering, I changed my blog URL from elegantdiaries.blogspot.com to harshitakapur.blogspot.com on 2nd April'16.

Ohhh! I forgot to tell ya guys that I love cooking and baking, so you can checkout my cooking blog if you want to- Harshita's Kitchen

I will also start my very own YouTube channel soon.  I finally created my YouTube channel and I will be uploading my first video very soon,  uploaded my very first video but then deleted it after a few months because it was so cringe, I CANNOT! Anyway, go and subscribe to my channel - Harshita's Kapur  :)

Want to know some random things about me?

Favourite colors - Pink, Nudes (Mostly eyeing Candy K by Kylie J)
Favourite YouTubers - Liza Koshy, Taylor R, Miranda Sings, Superwoman, Shay Mitchell (Yes, she has a channel...Emily from PLL)
Favourite singers/ bands - Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Little Mix, Chainsmokers, Goblins from Mars, Melanie Martinez
Favourite TV Shows- Pretty Little Liars, Degrassi: Next Class, Jane the Virgin, Haters Back Off (HAHA yes it is kind of a bad humour, but it's sick)
{Also, keep recommending me more..}

Instagram- @harshitakapur
Snapchat- @harshitakapur
Facebook- @harshitakapur22
YouTube- Harshita Kapur
Twitter- @kapur_harshita

That's all about me and I update this page very often because my mind's a nomad. Thank you for taking the time to read about me.


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