Twenty Seventeen


Hello, I wish ya'll a very Happy New Year. Hope this year is nice to you all and me too. 2016 was kind of rough but at least we made it.

Clicked on my way to Goa

I was having pre boards starting 26th December so ya know how my new year went. Also, I had college applications due so time just flew by and here I am.. it's 21st January. I had no sense of time ever since the year started and yet I call it a wonderful start.

"Fake it till you make it"

I spent some time in Goa after my exams. I have a little Goa Vlog coming soon and a blog post too.


I have resolutions which weren't going that well but from a few days, I am going strong. I feel like this year is gonna be a good one. That little gut instinct. Yes, I trust it. 

Procrastination is something I want to get rid of. I have made endless video/ blog post schedules but never seemed to follow any, no wonder why I have just 65 subscribers on my Youtube channel, which is a lot of people honestly but I could not grow my channel at all.

One last shot, this time I will keep up. Take my word.

Every Tuesday & Friday, you'll get a video and a blog post. I promise. If it's more that, just take it that I'm over procrastination.

Other than, my class 12 boards are coming. 

True success for me this year would be acing my boards yet uploading videos regularly.

How is your year going so far? 

Wish you luck with your new year resolutions.


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