Moschino Pink Bouquet Perfumed Body Lotion Review


Hey guys! It's been really long since my last post. So, welcome back to my blog.....In the last few weeks, I've done a lot of changes to this blog as you can observe- I changed the blog address to my name, changed the logo and the whole design and colour theme. This is because I've decided to make my blog more personal, not just focused on beauty products. 

This body lotion has been my saviour lately. My house is being renovated so there's a lot of unbearable smell all around and so much dust! My hands and lips have been victimised. So, I grabbed this body lotion from my dresser the other day and kept this besides my bed (my parent's because my room is being painted) so that I can use it whenever I require. I never used it that much before because I already have a lot of body lotions so this one never got a chance, but now it's almost gonna end and I am feeling bad because this smells so good, exactly like the perfume I got this with.

This is NOT a hand cream but I use it as one because it works fine that way also!
It's perfect for summer because it feels really light and is not thick at all. The smell is just like the Moschino Pink Bouquet Perfume, obviously, lol 

The scent is actually really good for a body lotion, it's sweet but a different kind of sweet, the kind of sweet scent that those high end perfumes like that of Victoria's Secret have.

It has a flip flop cap which is hot pink in colour. The packaging is adorable and there are silver metallic dots which form a heart, which I think is cute.

The lasting power of the scent is noticeably long, not as long as the perfume's but would last for a good two hours or more.

Ignore my super dry hands in the pic below 
Applied some body lotion on my super dry hands

After application 

I so love this and I am gonna run out of it soon....

Now, what? I google to check if there are already people who have reviewed this...

Opened Google
Searched for it
Didn't see many reviews
Went on to the images
my jaw dropped
see for yourself, why!

The pic I saw on Google

There is a much cuter bottle which contains the same body lotion
Why didn't I see that before buying this one?

I'm gonna find that one and buy it! 💜

Quantity: 100ml or 3.4 USFl.Oz

Price: $72/  4000 
(This is the total price of the pack which contained a 50ml/ 1.7 USFl.Oz  perfume also)

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  1. I like so much Moschino body lotion!
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  2. Such a cute bottle for the new one! Sounds like a lovely lotion :)
    - Ambar | Her Little Loves

  3. Looks great :)

  4. Love the packaging of this body lotion, it's so cute!


  5. wow ! looks like great body lotion. Would love to try.

  6. Thx for a great review. That bottle is really cute, you're right. I am wondering if you would like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

  7. The product sounds great :) And the new bottle is adorable

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